April Enciso


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Magicmals: The Beginning 

Ready to go on a fun, exciting, action-packed adventure?
Join nine-year-old Eva and her younger brother Diego after they move to a new city. As they struggle to fit in at her new school, strange things begin to happen to animals in her neighborhood. They discover a race of animals called Magicmals that possess magical powers. When buildings start mysteriously disappearing in their town, they all go on an adventure to return their city to normal.


Magicmals: Troublemakers

After all the excitement of talking Magicmals, disappearing buildings, and space travel last year, ten-year-old Eva, her younger brother Diego, and her best friend Jenny are all looking forward to a nice quiet time in school. But algebra and art class are soon forgotten when they get an urgent message from wizard cat Willie Whiskas. Two of the Magicmals, Pookie and Gray Baby, have gone rogue, vanishing into outer space where they are wreaking havoc on a new planet! In Book Two of a series that’s hilarious fun for the whole family (pets, too!), Eva and the Magicmals gang go head to head with twice as many obstacles, have twice as many adventures, and get two very naughty cats out of trouble.


Magicmals: Gone Rogue

While Eva and Jenny struggle in their new computer programming class, a mysterious Magicmal arrives in town. Not long after, the city takes a turn for the worse! Its power fizzles out, plunging the citizens into a blackout and a catastrophic crisis. The Magicmals, Eva, Jenny, and Diego must work together with their old friend Kace to restore the city to full and working order. Can they save the day?

MAGICMALS: GONE ROGUE is an entertaining book your kids will love, even while they learn that computer programming can be fun and shouldn’t be feared! 


Come Home Daddy, An Early Onset Alzheimer's Memior

This is a story about my father’s struggle with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s. We were living the American dream. My father ran his own business; we went on annual family vacations; I had a happy childhood. Then, one day in his late fifties, my father started having episodes of repeated conversations and forgetfulness.
In a true story reminiscent of Lisa Genova’s novel Still Alice, we shockingly came to find out my father had Early-Onset Alzheimer’s.
As he traversed down the rabbit hole into a downward spiral, we learned to cope with the bad times and embraced and appreciated the good times.
This book is for the caregivers and loved ones of those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is my hope that my story will encourage you and buoy you forward.